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Terme conseillé, Patents, and Trademarks: Smart Property Protection

The three diverse types of intellectual property or home -- copyrights, patents, in addition to trademarks -- are comparable in some ways, in that that they protect an artist or creator's liberties to his or her or her creation, nevertheless the extent of that safety may differ considerably.

Let's consider the overview look in each type involving perceptive real estate protection.


Terme conseillé safeguard original runs involving authorship -- the normal illustrations you might think associated with, such as books, motion pictures, plus photographs, as well as some odder examples like architectural works out or boat hull designs.

You should know: A copyright doesn't protect a concept, whether it's your idea for the book, a enterprise, or maybe a song. That just helps to protect the phrase involving that idea -- often the thing itself.

Exactly where really filed: The US Copyright laws Office handles official registrations. (However, note that that type of IP safeguard is provided by means of federal law even without a state registration. )


Us patents protect processes, inventions, in addition to certain types of technological breakthroughs. This is typically (and correctly) known since the "inventor's intellectual home. "

You should realize: There are 3 different types of patents: Style, Power, and Plant. depends about you completing the proper application for your registration.

Where it's filed: Us patents are filed with often the US Patent and Trademark Business located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Art logos

You should know: Two common ways to designate a trademark are the (R) and the TM indications -- but turn out to be careful you use! (R) is only designed for use with regard to registered trademarks, although TM shows your intellectual property or home if you are not registered or perhaps if your current use is approaching.

In which it's filed: Logos will be in addition filed with the USPTO.

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